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The Crow
Hải Trần (vente3141)

This work represents Yatagarasu, a giant crow in Japan folklore, the symbol of the sun since ancient time.
Tác phẩm miêu tả (nhân hóa) Yatagarasu, một con quạ khổng lồ trong văn học dân gian Nhật Bản, được xem như biểu tượng của mặt trời từ thời xa xưa.

Purew-Ochir Och-Erdene (Jaagii)

Culture guardians

Trial of The Sea
Nur Mukhlis (Sinlaire)

"Paniya of The Kakari Tribe, fighter from the northern sea tribe that has been following the path of warrior for the rest of her life. After a long training in the foreign land of Alatyria, She finally feel strong enough to pass the next rite and trial she has to take in order be the true warrior she always dreamed to be. Thus, she travel to the Isola Beach, home of the notorious Pagurox, a hermit crab with shell as hard as a steel and claw as sharp as a pair of guillotine. Then the Trial, Begin."

Trial of The Sea - Road to Warrior
Dusk of Alatyria

Momotaro 2018
Yosanann Rujichayakhun (lolicon2015)

The idea of ​​this painting is to tie the story to the present.
I like the tale Momotaro (マモタロ) since childhood, because I watched from the cartoon on television and now I like the cartoon cute little girl of Japan anime .
I think that if Momotaro was to defeat the giants in the present what would it be like? I got the idea create Momotaro and friends in groups, include monkeys, dog, and bird change to little girls. It's great fun. And that is the origin of this picture.

Idol Battle
Bharm Vallayapet (chyffon)

Photoshop, 3D

Road show !!
Dian Ramadhan (jurrig33)

hi there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , here my submission

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